SUBOTICA – Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic Wednesday thanked Hungary for supporting Serbia, stating that the country was not blackmailing Serbia with anything nor was obstructing it and Serbia respected and valued that.

“We will be building the best possible relations with Hungary in the future. Thank you Victor (Orban, Hungarian prime minister) for supporting Serbia in all the difficult moments,” said Vucic, adding that Hungary was not blackmail us with anything or obstructing us in any way and Serbia respected and valued that.

We know how to remember who our true friend is, said Vucic, who visited a new glass wool plant, opened in Subotica by Hungarian company Masterplast, together with Orban.

Vucic said that he had felt great as host in Subotica when he had heard the Serbian and Hungarian national anthems, seeing everyone proud of their nation, and was happy to know that we had no issues, open or hidden, between us.

“I think the Hungarians can feel that sincerely. I respect the Hungarians and you will always enjoy the same rights as the Serbs and all other citizens of Serbia. I am proud of the Serbs as well, as they understand what kind of policy we are pursuing that will put Serbia on the pedestal of successful countries,” said Vucic.