Vucic: If we win, we will continue on EU path

Screenshot Tanjug video

BELGRADE – If the ruling coalition wins the majority in the elections, Serbia will continue on the path of European integration and getting closer to European living standards, Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) leader and Serbia’s caretaker Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said Sunday.

At the same time, Serbia will continue to respect its traditional ties with Russia, China and other countries, and good years are ahead for Serbia, Vucic told reporters after casting his ballot in New Belgrade.

“If we do not win, we will congratulate our opponents and we will be looking for no excuses,” Vucic said.

As far as the ruling coalition and the SNS are concerned, the election campaign has never been cleaner, Vucic said.

“We fought in a fair manner and I expect a tough and uncertain battle that will go down to the last vote, but I also expect the people to choose the future,” Vucic said.

Early parliamentary and regular provincial and local elections are being held in Serbia on Sunday.


  1. I am at a loss… to find the right words to say, with mixed emotions of anger and sadness, watching my country, my Serbian brothers and sisters heading down the sad road of destruction once again, losing more then just their homeland and sovereignty . What is left to lose, after one nation has lost their identity as a people ??
    The native Indians have said, what we choose and do today, will be harvested by the seventh generation to come !
    I could never understand, why some women would stay in a relationship, only to be used and abused by their partners ?
    Serbia wake up !!!