BELGRADE – Elections are very important as in them we decide about our life in the next four years, about lives of our children, and I am calling on all citizens to go to the polls on April 24 and vote for a future, and not for the past, Serbian Prime Minister and leader of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Aleksandar Vucic said on Sunday.

Appearing on the morning news program on TV Pink, Vucic said that according to the latest data which he saw last night, the SNS “is absolutely on the verge of losing the elections”.

“When I say that there is an equal chance that we lose, as well as win the elections, this will depend on citizens’ commitment to casting their ballots and choosing a future. This means that some other parties could form the next government,” Vucic said.

“As for the SNS, it will not make compromises with people who would like to push Serbia back into the past. Even if we were short of just one seat in the parliament, I would not make compromises,” Vucic underlined.