GRDELICA – We are in no dispute whatsoever with Croatia, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said Monday, pointing out that Serbia had done everything it could do to open Chapter 23.

“We are in no dispute whatsoever with Croatia … We are not quarrelling with anyone, and we do not want anything from anybody. The only thing that we have asked for is that Serbia be respected. Nothing more than that,” Vucic told a press conference in Grdelica, after opening a 5.6-kilometer long stretch of road on Corridor 10.

The prime minister said that the law governing the rules of election of national minority representatives in parliament, and the law on the jurisdiction of national judicary in handling war crimes, which the Croats complained about, had been adopted a few years before.

Vucic said that the Croats would not have any representatives in the Serbian parliament if Serbia’s law was similar to the one that was in force in Croatia, adding that the Croats had almost always had a representative in Serbia’s parliament.

He added that the Croats would find some other reason, maybe look to, say, 1983 or 1992, only to use anything as a pretext to attack Serbia.

When it comes to opening Chapter 23, Vucic said that he had heard no news from Brussels about it, adding the European institutions should state their views on the matter.

Vucic said that, incidentally, the law concerning war crimes was good, whatever government it had been that had passed it, as it made it possible for Serbia to arrest war criminals.