Vucic: Years of prosperity are ahead for Serbia


BELGRADE – Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic wished a happy Easter to the people of Serbia on Saturday and said that years of dynamic economic growth and progress in respect for human rights and all other spheres of social life were ahead.

In an interview for a three-day edition of Belgrade-based daily tabloid Kurir, Vucic voiced belief that Serbia was on the right track and that it would be able to achieve good results in the coming years.

“I am confident that only through hard work, diligence and commitment can we achieve increasingly better results,” the prime minister said in his message to the Serbian people.

He said we needed stability and peace for that, stressing that Serbia would know how to ensure them and would be becoming stronger and stronger with time.

Vucic says that he will spend the Easter in a working spirit and visit either a military or a police unit on Sunday.

“I wish the citizens a happy Easter and I wish them to spend the most joyous Christian holiday in peace, health and joy,” the prime minister said.


  1. I am sorry, but if you are relying on closer ties with Europe and becoming a member of EU for prosperity then look around, name a European country that is actually prospering. Name a European country with human rights with a contented population? If you can, the please do let us know. We are in it, and we see none of this.

  2. @ Elaine
    My respect … for your passion for words that ring with reality, and for people like You who can still THINK for themselves !
    Please, give us more …

  3. If one’s biggest hope and purpose is to join the EU, then you know just how desperate the situation is, and how mediocre and devoid of vision this “leader” is.
    When, in addition, you know that even joining EU is nothing but a wet dream, then you don’t wish to know any more.