BELGRADE – Kosovo’s admission to European football’s governing body UEFA is evidently a political decision and a result of major political pressure, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said Tuesday, reiterating that Serbia will never recognise Kosovo.

“Kosovo’s admission to UEFA is just another warning that we live in a world of interests and politics, rather than one of law and rules, that Serbia must treat this fact in a realistic and rational way, and that, in the case of Kosovo, even the UEFA Statute may be violated just to fulfil the promises of the sponsors of Kosovo’s independence,” Dacic said.

It is up to us to fight to have the best possible position in that world, gain new and old friends and have interests that match the interests of others – of course, all this includes fighting for a consistency of our policy, in which there will certainly be no compromise on one matter, Dacic said.

“We will not recognise Kosovo. Everything else – as we have seen today – is possible,” Dacic noted.

What remains for the Football Association of Serbia to do is use legal means to dispute this decision in court, “but it is evident that the decision is of a political nature and a result of major political pressure, which, however, has not been completely successful,” Dacic said.

“Only 16 out of the 54 (UEFA) member states have not recognised Kosovo, and we got 24 votes, while as many as 10 member states that have recognised Kosovo did not vote in Kosovo’s favour,” he said after Kosovo’s football association was admitted to UEFA by 28 votes to 24 in a secret vote at the organisation’s congress in Budapest earlier in the day.

Two member associations abstained in the vote.