VRANJE – Over 15 years, the EU has donated EUR 3 billion to Serbia, Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador Michael Davenport, said on Wednesday, pledging continued assistance.

“Since the beginning of our cooperation, the EU has invested over EUR 3 billion in various projects. We have donated for improvements in the energy sector, environmental protection, agriculture, local self-governments,” Davenport told reporters in Vranje on his two-day tour of the facilities that had been built or repaired thanks to EU funds.

Work on the justice system reform lies ahead, and this will be our priority, he said.

“We continue working in close cooperation with our Serbian partners at central and local levels,” the ambassador said.

Over the past four years, the southern Serbian city of Vranje received donations worth around EUR 40 million through various projects.

On the second day of his visit to Vranje, Davenport visited the Neven kindergarten and donated sport equipment to its branch premises in surrounding villages.