Davenport: We support any govt. willing to reach EU faster

Photo: mc.rs

BELGRADE – Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Michael Davenport said Monday that he was confident that the EU Delegation would be able to efficiently work together with any new government in Serbia that wanted to step up the pace and efficiency of Serbia’s European path.

Speaking at a press conference in Belgrade on the occassion of Europe Day, Davenport told reporters that he hoped Chapters 23 and 24 would be opened as soon as possible.

The European Commission has already given its recommendation on these chapters. It now rests with the member-states to make a decision about them. I hope that we can expect opening them as soon as possible, and I believe the priority at this moment is to implement the action plans for the chapters without delay, Davenport said.

Asked about the pace of Serbia’s EU integration, Davenport said that it depended on a combination of capacity and political will.

The pace depends on Serbia. Serbia has the capacity, and I think that the political will is there as well and that the people of Serbia want Serbia not just to become an EU member-state, but also to be a successful country that respects and guarantees all fundamental rights, said Davenport.


  1. What will you do Mr Davenport? Fast track Serbia so fast she trips over her own free will to get through those EU doors you are so keen for her to be ram raided into a life and space of EU/USA diktat, and mission accomplished – Serbia is owned lock, stock and barrel. So what happens when Serbia decides EU is not what she wants? I guess you still have enough depleted uranium, white phosphorus and cluster bombs and the aircraft engines revving to finish off this nation you have hated for so long.