Djuric: Hunting season on Serbs in Kosovo is always open


BELGRADE – Director of the Serbian government’s Office for Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) Marko Djuric said that Wednesday’s attack on Zvecan-based TV Most crew in the central Kosovo town of Obilic had been an attack on the Serbs and freedom of speech, voicing expectation that the event would be condemned by Albanian journalist associations, provincial institutions and the international community.

“It is crucial for this condemnation to arrive from both the province’s institutions and Albanian journalist associations, and from representatives of the international community, who should not be awarding any new praise or opening any new doors of international organizations to Pristina as that means awarding the sociopolitical climate in which a hunting season on Serbs is always open,” Djuric told a press conference in Belgrade.

Djuric said that the television crew had narrowly escaped lynching, as they had a car with Belgrade license plates and spoke Serbian. He added that at the time of the attack, the crew was filming a news report on an allocation of humanitarian aid to the Branko Radicevic school in Obilic, a Serb school in a town ethnically cleansed of Serbs.

“It bothered a small group of extremists who attacked them. One of them even attacked a TV Most cameraman with a spade. All of that was happening only 50 meters away from the local police station,” said Djuric.

Djuric said he would inform a team of representatives of EU High Representative Federica Mogherini, who were in Belgrade at the moment to talk about the expert level dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, about the latest attack on Serbs in KiM.


  1. Where is your bloody democracy USA? Where is your peace and security? Or is this just something you drivel out and contrary to your beliefs. You put Albanian’s in a piece of Serbia you had no right to give, since then Serbs living rightfully in their own homes are persecuted by Albanians, physically attacked, murdered, harassed – is this the democracy you are handing out around the world? You are no better than the dictators you so condemn and subsequently usurp. Where is your moral standing USA? You created this situation, your non-existent efforts are state sponsored executions of Serbs, what else can it be?

  2. Elaine, it was never about ‘democracy’. It was about having somewhere to put a large U.S. base as close as possible to Russia.

  3. This makes it all the more wrong that Serbia keeps engaging in “dialogue” which is mostly about giving over the last of the Kosovo Serbs’ rights and safety to the Kosovo Albanian statelet. Serbia gives over other rights and permissions, which in effect reward it for ethnically cleansing and discriminating against Serbs.
    Kosovo Serbs are being shafted in these deals and the Kosovo statelet is getting more and more rights of a real state. The traitorous Serbian government has been legalizing and rewarding all that has been done against Serbs and Serbia.