BELGRADE – A state border between Serbia and Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) will never exist for Serbia, Director of the Serbian Government Office for Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) Marko Djuric said on Tuesday, dismissing as absurd the announcements from Pristina that a demarcation of borders would be the priority of the next round of the Brussels dialogue.

“For Serbia, there will never be a state border between Serbia and KiM, as it does not exist under our Constitution. For us, that is not a border, but rather an administrative line, and this will be the case as long as this Constitution and people exist,” Djuric said.

Djuric told broadcaster B92 that Belgrade was ready to discuss ways to ensure an easier flow of people between Belgrade and Pristina.

The Community of Serb Municipalities will be established despite the announcements from Pristina, in line with the agreements reached in Brussels, he said.

Speaking about Kosovo’s membership in FIFA and UEFA, Djuric said the statutes of the international sport organizations had been breached, adding that Serbia would continue its fight before the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.