Former CIA chief congratulated Vucic on his party’s election victory


BELGRADE – Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic met with representatives of the American investment fund KKR on Friday to discuss the state of the Serbian economy, arrangements with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and new investments.

“Political stability is vital for economic growth,” Vucic said, adding that Serbia would do everything to maintain stability in the region.

Former CIA chief General David Petraeus, who is at the helm of KKR, congratulated Vucic on his party’s election victory, underlining that the fact that the victory has been secured after the reforms put in place shows Serbia is on the right track.

He highlighted KKR is satisfied with their investments in the region, voiced the hope the fund would soon broaden its investment portfolio, both in Serbia and the region.

Prime Minister Vucic talked with KKR representatives about ways to solve the issue of non-performing loans in Serbia, already tackled by the joint working groups of the finance ministry, central bank and KKR, the government’s press office said in a release.


  1. Of course anyone American with invested interest in Serbia’s downfall and demise into the couldron of EU and USA talons would cheer a leader who brings this country closer to the destruction that began in 1999. Please Mr Patraeus do not give pretence of your concerns for the welfare and future of Serbia, you are a blood sucking leech with no thought whatsoever of what is good for Serbia, I would liken USA’S response to that of a vulture, but a vulture actually does good and is needed in this world.