VIENNA – Kosovo-Metohija is a part of Serbia, says Vice-President of the right-wing Freedom Party of Austria Norbert Hofer, who lost in the recent presidential run-off from left-wing independent candidate Alexander Van der Bellen, adding that the Dayton Agreement confirms the legitimacy and legality of the existence of Republika Srpska (RS).

In an interview to Belgrade-based daily Kurir, Hofer says he is famous for publicly speaking against Kosovo’s admission to international organizations.

Unilateral moves in the context of Serbia’s southern province make the reconciliation process harder, Hofer says.

As for his stance on Republika Srpska and Serbs in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hofer says the Dayton Agreement is a valid international deal, which confirms the legitimacy and legality of the existence of RS.

Our party has always condemned all attempts of certain political actors in Europe and outside it to change this status or centralize BiH even more, without consent of the people of Republika Srpska. For these reasons, we have always backed the RS leadership, notably (RS President Milorad) Dodik in pursuing an independent policy, which ensures peace and stability for Serbs and all other citizens of RS, Hofer says.