VIENNA – It would be wrong to admit Kosovo to international organizations, as it would only cause problems, says Norbert Hofer, a contestant in Austria’s presidential elections run-off on Sunday.

Austrian Freedom Party (FPOe) presidential candidate Norbert Hofer believes that, when it comes to Kosovo, wounds are still fresh and problems too big, and admitting Kosovo to international organizations, including the EU and the UN, would only produce negative reactions.

I believe that admitting Kosovo to international organizations at this point would create more problems than it would solve, Hofer said in an interview with Tanjug.

Hofer, who triumphed in the first round of presidential elections, is confident that the problem of Croatia’s blocking Serbia’s EU entry talks will be solved.

When it comes to Serbia and Croatia, it is a past full of emotion. I was a young soldier when the war broke out on the territory of the former Yugoslavia. I also have neighbors who came from the region, who come to me for Catholic Christmas, and I visit them for their Orthodox holidays. To understand this problem, one must look at history, said Hofer.

I believe that the blockade issue will be resolved. Serbia is on the right track. Austria, a neutral country, can contribute by mediating to ensure Serbia’s admission to the EU, said Hofer.