BELGRADE – President of the Football Association of Serbia (FSS) Tomislav Karadzic said that an FSS delegation would fight hard against admitting Kosovo to membership of the UEFA at the European soccer governing body’s upcoming annual congress in Budapest.

“Since 2012, the Football Association of Serbia has been using all legal means in a bitter struggle against attempts to make self-proclaimed Kosovo a member of UEFA. We have managed, not without great effort, to remove the request for admission from the agenda and prevent a great injustice from being done four times,” the FSS quoted Karadzic as saying on its website.

Karadzic said that despite all aggravating circumstances and the fact that many countries of the European Union, UEFA-members themselves, had recognized the self-proclaimed state of Kosovo, the FSS would do everything in its power to collect a sufficient number of votes to prevent Kosovo from being admitted to UEFA one more time.

“The fact that a decision to admit Kosovo would cause great turmoil in the region and beyond, and then open the Pandora’s box across Europe, is going to our advantage. It is no secret that ‘the Kosovo case’ is not an isolated one,” said Karadzic.

The UEFA congress will be held in Budapest on May 3.