OBILIC – A young ethnic Albanian man assaulted a Serb TV crew on a regular assignment in Obilic, central Kosovo, cursing them, calling them derogatory names and hitting the cameraman with a spade shaft on Tuesday.

About 11 a.m., a crew working for Zvecan-based TV Most, comprising journalist Jasmina Stojkovic, cameraman Boban Sekulic and driver Aleksandar Stolic, were attacked in the center of Obilic while filming shots for a video news report, TV Most reported.

“The young Albanian approached our crew, cursing us, shouting at us and insulting us, telling us we had no reason to be there and should be in Serbia instead, and to get the hell out of Kosovo,” Stojkovic said, adding that the attacker had probably flown into a fit of rage after seeing that their car had Belgrade license plates.

The man then took a spade from a nearby store and swung it at the cameraman, hitting him in the arm.

A large group of Albanians watched the incident from nearby but did not react at all. The crew called the police, who took ten minutes to arrive even though the police station in Obilic is located in very close proximity of the site where it all happened.

Meanwhile, the attacker fled the scene and the TV Most crew was taken to the police station to make statements.