Kosovo and Serbia to prevent their teams’ direct contacts at UEFA tournaments


BELGRADE – The Kosovo Football Federation (FFK) and the Serbian Football Union should try to separate their teams and prevent their face-to-face contacts at UEFA tournaments, FFK Secretary-General Eroll Salihu told TASS.

Earlier, Serbia’s Youth and Sports Minister Vanja Udovicic told the Serbian news agency TANJUG that the Serbian Football Union would challenge the UEFA decision to admit FFK into the UEFA at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

“We have good relations with the Serbian Football Union and we are going to resolve the question of separation of our teams. I believe that for the moment it would be appropriate to avoid direct contacts with each other. We are going to work with our clubs and particularly with our fans in future,” Salihu said.

An UEFA congress held in Budapest voted for Kosovo’s admittance to UEFA on May 3. Twenty-eight UEFA members against 24 who were opposed to the decision (including Russia) voted for Kosovo’s admission. The FFK may now join FIFA and take part in 2018 World Cup qualifiers to be hosted by Russia.

The partly recognized Republic of Kosovo is not a United Nations member. Sixty-four countries, including Russia, China, India and Brazil, have not recognized Kosovo’s independence.


  1. Besides that Serbia should never host Albania in Serbia again after that drone incident, which was plotted and planned to aggravate the Serbian fans. Still they didn’t come out onto the field until the Albanian players started going after the Serbian player simply rolling up the flag, which was an obstacle and interfered with the play.

    Albania was rewarded by the UEFA for that and got 3 points despite not winning the game, while Serbia was deducted 3 points despite not losing and offering to play again without fans.
    Albanians are rewarded for their crimes and aggression. Serbia should remark that they can’t risk Albania in Serbia since the have actually been encouraged to pull similar stunts after they were rewarded.