Kosovo Might Become First State Under NATO Control


BELGRADE – The US has been actively lobbying the idea of Kosovo joining NATO’s Partnership for Peace program. Kosovo’s president Hashim Thaci, who after a visit to the United States last year said that Washington approved the idea of establishing a Kosovo army operating under NATO, might now be happy about the new developments.

The United States apparently needed an independent Kosovo for one simple reason — to build there its “cozy military nest”. This can be seen in the recent developments, in particular, the US’ decision to work out conditions for Kosovo’s accession to NATO’s Partnership for Peace program.

Analysts believe that this move is none other than an attempt by the US to spread its political influence in countries of the Western Balkans.

Washington “is readying a plan for Kosovo’s NATO membership” and “the self-proclaimed state of Kosovo intends to, in the coming period, launch the process of joining NATO,” the website b92.net wrote.

Can Kosovo become a NATO member at all? Theoretically it can, if Kosovo is able to bypass the UN Security Council Resolution 1244 which defines it as a part of Serbia, as well as if the Serbs in the Kosovo Parliament vote in favor of the creation of an army in Kosovo.

According to UN Security Council resolution 1244, only NATO military forces, namely KFOR mission, can be deployed in the territory of Kosovo. The resolution is unlikely to be canceled as Moscow and Beijing will veto such a decision in the UN Security Council. So how could Kosovo bypass the resolution and create its own army despite mandatory UN regulations?

For this case, Washington and Pristina seem to have a plan “B”. They can just “rename” the security forces acting in Kosovo within the KFOR into the Kosovo Armed Forces.

In the same way, the “rebranding” helped to transform the Kosovo Protection Corps into the Kosovo Security Force (KSF), the local response force developed in line with NATO standards and set to be deployed during crisis response operations.

Although the KSF has not received permission to use heavy weapons, it can still participate in international peacekeeping operations.

Some experts argue that in a similar way the US might help Kosovo create its own army which would operate under NATO supervision. If this happens, Kosovo might become another precedent, namely the world’s first “state under NATO control”.


  1. Slithering in and doing what NATO now seems what it does best. Under USA they illegally carved Kosovo from Serbia, handed it to Albania – is if this has not been a crystal clear show of aggression and malevolence now it plans to trot in it’s stooge NATO – and you really think that you can be believed or trusted? NATO – Nasty And Truly Oppressive.

  2. While Mr. Vucic plans his next, up and coming over night play Pajama party with the EU.
    The kosher blessed America is consolidating their military base, Camp Bond steel .
    Taking extra precautions and expanding its radius and making a clear statement to Russia that they are here to STAY !!!
    Would someone please… not forget to pick up Mr. Vucic from daycare …Thank you!

    • Well the Serbs are lackluster at protesting against Vucic. Why is it only when the west organizes protests that they are well attended, energized and very persistent? Look at Otpor and all the color revolutions, Otpor’s successor CANVAS and their work in other countries.
      Why not any genuine patriotic protests and support for other Serbs who are being abused by the government, such as unions/workers, families of kidnapped Serbs, etc.? Other Serbs should show an interest in their protests and the general abuse of Serbs and injustice by the government.

      • Welcome to the EU, people of the EU are oppressed, silenced and have no heart left to protest. Of the European elections two years ago, what are we seeing of the MEPs that were ACTUALLY voted in by the people, what notice has been taken of protesting, marches petitions? For a continent that fiercely objected to mass immigration – who has listened? Protest? The entire European continent and it’s people are sick to death with NOT BEING HEARD. This is life not just in Serbia.

  3. @ jj You are 100% on the ball here my dear friend !
    Serbia has not only lost Kosovo ( unless Russia has something to say on this matter ) ?
    and it breaks my Heart to say this … Serbia living in Fear for a long time now, has lost the ESSENCE of life, and that is the flow of LOVE, in the way the people interact with one another !!!
    God Help Us !