BELGRADE – The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) could submit a negative report on the cooperation with Serbia over the non- extradition of three Serbian Radical Party (SRS) officials sought by the Tribunal. says Rasim Ljajic, the head of the council for cooperation with the ICTY.

It will soon become known whether Serbia will find itself under pressure over the matter, Ljajic told the B92.

“We will see what further steps the Tribunal will take and whether they will continue to exert pressure on the UN Security Council and Brussels, which is what the amount of pressure on Serbia will depend on,” Ljajic said after the High Court in Belgrade ruled Wednesday against the extradition of SRS officials Vjerica Radeta, Petar Jojic and Jovo Ostojic to the ICTY, which wants to try them on charges of witness tampering in the case of SRS leader Vojislav Seselj.

Croatia’s reaction could be crucial for Serbia’s European integration, Ljajic said.

“I am afraid that this will be used for further lobbying against opening chapters 23 and 24 (in Serbia’s EU accession talks),” Ljajic said.