Lunacek: I am not enemy of Serbia’s, but Kosovo is condition


BELGRADE – European Parliament (EP) Vice-President and rapporteur for Kosovo Ulrike Lunaccek told Tanjug late on Thursday that she was not an enemy of Serbia’s, but it was certain that Serbia would not join the EU without recognizing Kosovo, not because she said so, but rather because of the experience that the EU had with Cyprus.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Civil Society Forum Belgrade, organized by the European Fund for the Balkans and Erste Foundation, Lunacek said she was not, as some saw it, an enemy of Serbia’s just because she was rapporteur for Kosovo at the EP.

She said she was very fond of Serbia and its people and that she actually thought the country had made a lot of progress in EU accession.

Lunacek pointed out that in its recent history, the EU had approved the accession of Cyprus, a country that had no clearly defined boundaries because of the Turkish occupation.

That is why I am certain that there would be no Serbia’s accession to the EU without recognizing Kosovo, Lunacek said.

And it will be so not because of me, but rather because of the fact the EU only accepts countries that have clearly defined boundaries, said Lunacek.


  1. Ms. Ulrike Lunacy- ek, here promoting Democracy, organized by the European Hypocrisy Fund for the Balkans and The Erste Lost Tribe Foundation. What she really meant to say, was that she was very fond of the Serbian Government and its people for making progress in EU accession, by being such good sportsmen and for letting their socks down, eventually excepting the New World Order Uniform and Rules of the day, in order to play into their Wicked Game.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the meaning and their intentions in the words they use, are Load and clear !
    This is what their message reads when we read it backwards
    ” condition is Kosovo but ,( Serbia’s of enemy) not am I “

  2. Serbia needs to give up on Kosovo. There are barely 3% Serbs left in Kosovo. There is nothing to fight for. Recognise Kosovo and move on.

  3. @ The Voice

    WOW! You sound like a very generous person with someone else’s land(Homeland), how very kind of you .
    Please! out of respect, keep your concerns and worries for your own and STOP soliciting your sympathy, for the people of Serbia .
    Now, being the caring person you are by sharing your Voice, please indulge us and tell what is your % of the 3 % you mentioned ?