Lunacek: Kosovo and Serbia futures are intertwined


VIENNA – European Parliament’s (EP) Vice President and Standing Rapporteur for Kosovo Ulrike Lunacek believes that the European futures of Serbia and Kosovo are closely intertwined and mutually conditioned and urges both sides to work on improving relations.

The green light for visa liberalization for the people of Kosovo, which should be ratified by European institutions soon, creates a “very good momentum” and has to be utilized, said Lunacek, who will travel to Belgrade for the Civil Society Forum Belgrade, taking place under the framework of the so-called Berlin process, on Thursday.

In an interview she gave the European Western Balkans website, Lunacek said that Kosovo should not rest on its laurels but had to intensify its efforts with regard to its relations with Belgrade, adding that “all agreements between Belgrade and Pristina must be implemented.”

Lunacek said that the future of “both Western Balkans states” remained closely intertwined and it was therefore vital to ensure further progess needed for “both countries” to forge ahead in their EU integration process.


  1. Of course, with no judgement, Kosovo is Serbia. How would USA understand such a concept as “belonging “? It is not a born nation, everything it is has been stolen, taken by force or invaded. This is how USA was spawned, on violence and “take what it wants” mentality – look at its short but sour history. USA comited the greatest human genocide this planet has ever witnessed, that of the Native people who did actually belong on that land. They have no concept whatsoever of what it is like to be a true country with heritage, culture and bloodline. United States can rewrite history as colourfully as it pleases, it changes absolutely nothing. As goes it’s EU cronies who should know better by far.

  2. When you speak of The U S of A concept, this bloodline goes way way back !
    This nation resembles too much like the lost Tribe, searching for belonging, and destroying other nations in the process !
    Just look around you and follow the Money !!!

  3. Interesting viewpoints elaine. So the Serbs have been the original blood line of Kosovo throughout time, it was never invaded by the slavs aka Serbs from the 6-7 century a.d., and the Albanian inhabitants are merely a nuisance of a minority and do not belong to the land of Kosovo. And Serbia was a country throughout the centuries of Ottoman occupation? And communism did not rewrite any history during its reign after WWII or hide facts? And there were no resettlement programs for Kosovo? And there were no pogroms to exterminate the Albanians prior to Milosevic? Please enlighten us with your viewpoints further.

    • It is the dominant origins, the core bloodline. I am 100% European, yes I have it proved, but what makes me who I am is my point and country of origin, we have had the Romans, Greek, Viking, Norman, they have contributed to my DNA but are not dominant. Of course every country has contributions, but that does not take away the underlying dominant population.

  4. @ Kiko
    You have such a way with words, that awakens the senses and brings us out of our dreams.
    Now, that we are all awake? Kiko, are you still with me …
    Let us look into the field of Psychology, Humans have two simplicity’s and two difficulties.
    First simplicity ~ first talks, then thinks
    2nd simplicity ~ says what he thinks
    The first difficulty ~ thinks one thing and says another
    The 2nd difficulty ~ thinks a lot, but says Nothing.

    From Serbia …with LOVE !

  5. Peacefulwarrior,

    I’m glad there is LOVE in Serbia finally after killing so many innocent lives in what used to be Yugoslavia. I’m sure the victims will appreciate that you have finally found peace and love and not WAR!

  6. Where is your evidence for the wild claims you make, such as about the 6th and 7th centuries, Kiko?
    There is certainly of evidence for a dominant Serb presence in Kosovo from the Middle Ages onward, as documented in “The Art of Kosovo”, as an example, but what of this claim from 6-7th centuries? Further, if the Communists are to blame for covering up from WWII onward (and they never admitted to the ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Kosovo during those times), just who was it that insisted that the Partisans come to power over all of Yugoslavia during WWII by running a massive supply operation for them even while bombing the very people who rescued and squirreled out 500 allied flyers under the Nazis’ noses? If you know all about it, why don’t you write about that?