BELGRADE – Half of the future government’s 10-point programme pertains to the economy, with a major part of it also focusing on education, health care and European integration, Blic reported on Tuesday.

The starting points will be elaborated on by Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic on 10 pages each.

Point 1 of Vucic’s programme for the new government addresses jobs, reducing unemployment and investing in new jobs for the future – the IT sector, entrepreneurship, SMEs, foreign investments, etc.

Point 2 pertains to a balanced budget, solving past problems such as NPLs and debt restructuring, state-owned companies, privatisation and the energy sector.

Point 3 deals with establishing international ties, and is followed by investing in infrastructure and tourism to make Serbia a regional transport hub – infrastructure, corridors, rail lines, ports and tourism, air traffic and maintenance, repairs and overhauls.

Kick-starting the agriculture sector and encouraging farmers to boost and expand production is listed under Point 5, with quality education for young people and reforming the educational system under Point 6.

Building a just society, fighting corruption and supporting those most in need of assistance through a more just social protection system is Point 7 of the programme.

Point 8 is creating a system that will serve the citizens, through substantial changes towards an efficient public sector.

National security, fighting crime and terrorism, environmental protection and protection from disasters are listed under Point 9, with Serbia’s EU integration under Point 10.