BELGRADE – Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said on Monday that he has handed to Aleksandar Vucic, who leads the “Serbia is Winning” electoral list, the mandate to form the new government after Vucic convinced him that he has the parliamentary majority required.

Vucic was the only one who presented a programme on how he thinks the future government should conduct itself and what priorities it should seek to fulfil, Nikolic told a press conference following consultations with representatives of the electoral lists that made it to the parliament after the recent elections.

“Everyone who came was aware that (Vucic’s) Serbian Progressive Party won the most seats and that it will rightly seek the mandate to form the government,” Nikolic said.

The government will face many challenges, including the situation in the EU, the migrant crisis, the rise of far-right parties across Europe, the economic crisis and the need to ensure sufficient investments in Serbia and enough products to compete in foreign markets, as well as develop the agriculture, Nikolic said.

“In a time of major political turbulence, when everyone is against the government, these are all challenges for the government. I wish success to the government – whoever wins the majority has the right to form a government and be wished success by us,” Nikolic said.