Nikolic to name Vucic prime minister-designate


BELGRADE – Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has said he will name leader of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Aleksandar Vucic prime minister-designate, adding that even if the Constitution is amended, there will be no change to the preamble that says Kosovo-Metohija is a constituent part of Serbia.

I think I will not even have to hold consultations on a PM-designate as everything depends on whether someone has managed to secure 126 MPs who will vote for a government, he said on Sunday.

“As soon as I get the evidence, the consultations end, and I will entrust the mandate. This time, the mandate will be given to SNS leader Aleksandar Vucic, as the party ensured a clear victory,“ Nikolic told the Sputnik news website.

It will depend solely on the SNS whether they will form a coalition, but it is evident that they will be the backbone of the new government, Nikolic said.

“I have not seen the serious signs of what should be changed in the Constitution, which parts. However, I do know what we will not change – the preamble that says Kosovo-Metohija is a constituent part of Serbia as that would be a waste of everything we have done so far and I think that no one who leaves anyone in this world behind them would want to have any part in that,” Nikolic said.


  1. Nikolic is used to give Vucic ever greater power, when it was Vucic controlling the reigns from the very start. Both are traitors and selling out Kosovo Serbs and Serbia for empty promises and endless dictates from the EU.
    Neither have been effective on getting displaced Kosovo Serbs back to their home and land in Kosmet; they have not got Serbia’s own properties and those of private Serbian business owners. The Kosovo Albanians and the KFOR/UN/international community have committed a huge theft and yet Serbia keeps dealing with them and being tricked out of the few securities the Kosovo Serbs had left.