Serbian Armed Forces launch their largest-ever exercise


BELGRADE – The Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) have launched Morava 2016, a major command and tactical exercise, the Ministry of Defence said in a statement on Tuesday.

The exercise encompasses the operational capabilities of the land and air forces, with a part of the reserve personnel and individuals on compulsory work duty also to be involved.

The several-day exercise activities on land, in air space and on internal water routes will test the SAF’s ability to plan and conduct crisis response operations in conditions expected in real-life situations.

The exercise – the largest since the establishment of the SAF – is commanded by the deputy chief of staff, Lt Gen Jovica Draganic.


  1. Excellent, keep your Armed Forces in readiness. Looks like NATO is slithering it’s way into Kosovo. Keep primed and wary. Never forget you have a friend – and Russia will, always be there.