Solution for Serbian passports in Kosovo to be found soon


BELGRADE – “A solution will soon be found for Serbian passports in Kosovo-Metohija (KiM),” Director of the Serbian Government Office for Kosovo-Metohija Marko Djuric said on Saturday, underscoring that Belgrade would not leave Serbs without valid documents of the Republic of Serbia with which they could travel to EU countries.

“We have made it clear to EU officials that it is unacceptable that our people from KiM face more difficulty when entering EU countries with official biometric passports of the Republic of Serbia than people who have come to our continent without any travel document. And they agree there is no logic in that,” Djuric told the Serbian public service broadcaster RTS.

Speaking about the recent round of the technical level dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, Djuric said that from representatives of EU institutions, the Serbian delegation had received assurances concerning the commitment to implementing the agreement on the Community of Serb Municipalities and other deals; and from representatives of Pristina – some new conditions that did not have anything to do with the agreements signed so far.

Serbia will not give up on any of its objectives, and for that, at the moment we have considerable support, even from the part of the international community that pushes for and  recognizes Kosovo’s independence, Djuric said.


  1. Kosovo Serbs are still Serbian. The fact that USA handed their lands to Albanian’s is irrelevant. The handing over of Kosovo is illegal and carried out by a foreign dictator. Therefore presidence must always be kept for its safe return to Serbia.

  2. No one is denying that Serbs in Kosovo/a are Serbian. Nor are the lands of the local Serbs in Kosovo/a being taken away from them. The people will always come and go (both sides) but the land will remain even long after we are all gone.

  3. @ Kiko

    Very diplomatic … now tell us, why would the Albanians from Kosovo want to separate from Serbia, when nothing is being taken away from them? ( when both sides had the same rights ) and the land will remain long after we are all gone .
    Please, do tell