BELGRADE – This year’s Balkan Friendship Jump brought together 130 parachutists from 14 countries at an airport near Belgrade on Friday, and Minister of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy Aleksandar Vulin said that Serbia had waged wars it had not either wanted or provoked.


“Today, I am standing before the best, most courageous. It is my honor to stand here, in front of you, and tell you that Serbia is proud of you,” Vulin, whose ministry backed the event together with the ministry of sport, said in his address to parachutists.

The minister also took a 3,000m-parachute jump, together with the 83-year mother of the late parachutist Goran Ostojic, Jovanka Ostojic, who did it in tandem with an instructor.

The Balkan Friendship Jump has been held since 1994, when it was established thanks to the cooperation between the Greek union of reserve parachutists and the then 63rd parachute brigade.

This year, the event was organized by the Arhistratig veteran association of the 63rd parachute brigade and the Aviation Association of Serbia, and brought together 130 parachutists from Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, France, Belgium, Russia, Germany, Greece, Israel, Hungary and Bulgaria.