Vulin: UNSC must say whether Resolution 1244 is still valid


KRAGUJEVAC – It has once again become evident that some precedents apply to Serbia, Serbian government minister Aleksandar Vulin said after Kosovo was admitted to UEFA on Tuesday, adding that he expects the UN Security Council to say whether its Resolution 1244 on Kosovo is still valid.

The consequences of Kosovo joining European football’s governing body will be unforeseeable and it is only a matter of time before someone else invokes the precedent and UEFA’s violation of its own statute, he told Tanjug.

“Serbia will continue to fight and it will not look on with its arms crossed,” Vulin said.

“We will go to the Lausanne court (the Court of Arbitration for Sport), we will go everywhere where we can fight – above all, to protect law and the international law,” Vulin said.

“The Security Council must say whether Resolution 1244 still exists,” he said.

“If it does exist, then this is not possible, and if it does not, it would be good if someone told us,” Vulin said, reiterating that Serbia will fight to protect its sovereignty and integrity.


  1. But of course, has not USA purged UEFA of its corruption? Possibly taken away those wrongfully accused (Blatt) and merely replaced them with true corruption American style. It always amazes me that when USA has a blitz on corruption, makes a huge noise of protest and has those it deems guilty removed midst the blaze of publicity it so enjoys – those that are appointed to replace the so said corrupted are merely Americas controlled corrupt.