BELGRADE – Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic was shocked after the EU decided on Thursday not to open negotiation chapters 23 and 24 in Serbia’s accession talks while also deciding to open new chapters with Turkey and Montenegro.

“It is a disgraceful, incomprehensible decision that is humiliating for Serbia. It is a result of a political intent to halt or slow down Serbia on its European path. It represents open political pressure on Serbia to give up on its clear policy of protecting its state interests,” Dacic said, announcing that he would propose to Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic that consultations on further foreign policy moves be held urgently ahead of the Paris summit.

Serbia has fulfilled all requirements in the EU talks process, it is crucial to regional stability and it is making great efforts in reforms that will create a modern European country, Dacic noted.

“That is why the EU needs to stop the tragicomical explanations that it is Croatia and the UK that are blocking us. No – the EU is blocking us, because no one can convince me that the entire EU is no more influential than Croatia,” Dacic said.

“If Croatia, as a country that committed genocide against Serbs in the Ustasha, fascist Independent State of Croatia and where the Ustasha salute is still heard, a country that expelled over 200,000 Serbs in ‘Operation Storm’ and committed ethnic cleansing, is going to be a benchmark for joining the EU, then the question whether we are heading in the right direction is rightly asked,” he said.