Djuric: Serbia condemns Rama’s “Greater Albania pretensions”


BELGRADE – Serbia vehemently condemns the territorial pretensions expressed by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama in Pristina on Friday, says the head of the Serbian government Office for Kosovo-Metohija Marko Djuric.

The governments of Albania and self-proclaimed Kosovo held a joint session in Pristina during which Rama said that “Albania and Kosovo are one country, one nation, one common dream.”

With “Greater Albania pretensions” Rama insulted the Serbian people in  our territory, Djuric told a press conference.

“He has heightened tensions in the region, instead of easing them. Sending a message of reconciliation, a wish for cooperation and regional stability, like Serbia is doing, would have been an incomparably more beneficial move by Rama and his aides,” Djuric said.

Noting that the session was held in the National Library, Djuric urged Rama to pick up a book and find out that Kosovo will never be a part of Albania and that the “dream of a large state and one nation will remain just a dream.”


  1. This is why it is foolish for Serbia to be involved in any kinds of negotiations or meetings with the Albanians: they are working against Serbia and Serbs every chance they get. If Serbia offers them an inch, they will take a mile.

    • They refuse to negotiate but the West is more and more growing tired of their blind and irrational nationalism and their irredentist absolutism. This EU court to try KLA crimes could politically never happened 15 or even 5 years ago, but the West realizes how unsavory such an association is becoming….