BELGRADE – Events at the European Football Championship in France have shown once again that UEFA has two faces, writes Serbian daily “Vecernje Novosti”.

European house of football, from which no one in Serbia can expect a shred of justice, has turned a blind eye to both eyes at the stadium in Marseilles, where a transparent saying “Kosovo is Albania” was visibly placed among the fans of Albania.

Mixing politics in sport is obviously allowed to someone, and to someone not, depending on against whom are directed slogans at sporting events.

Provocation at the match France – Albania (2:0) is only the continuation of a series of incidents that are tolerated in UEFA, all directed against Serbia. Dirty and deceitful game of Tirana, in the form of a drone that flew over the stadium in Humska street, also remained unpunished. And not only unpunished, but also rewarded, as points were deducted from Serbian national team, which opened the way for Albania to the championship in France.

And what happens when there is a transparent saying “Kosovo is Serbia” at sports events? Well, that is another matter. Then UEFA becomes furious and there is always a painful punishment. For Serbs, of course, and everyone else who are on our side. Zenit, Moscow Lokomotiv and some other clubs know this, as their fans held these transparent.

Much unjustice was done to us by UEFA and other sports organizations and we had to put up with all of them. We had no one to complain to.

Selective justice is not only in football. It is enough to remember Milorad Cavic, who was disqualified from the European Championship eight years ago, when he appeared on the stand wearing a t-shirt with inscription “Kosovo is Serbia”.

“The Disciplinary Commission of LEN decided to suspend Cavic from further participation at the European Championship – it was said then in the statement of the European Swimming Association.