Double Standards: For UEFA “Kosovo is Albania” is OK, “Kosovo is Serbia” is not

BELGRADE – Events at the European Football Championship in France have shown once again that UEFA has two faces, writes Serbian daily “Vecernje Novosti”.

European house of football, from which no one in Serbia can expect a shred of justice, has turned a blind eye to both eyes at the stadium in Marseilles, where a transparent saying “Kosovo is Albania” was visibly placed among the fans of Albania.

Mixing politics in sport is obviously allowed to someone, and to someone not, depending on against whom are directed slogans at sporting events.

Provocation at the match France – Albania (2:0) is only the continuation of a series of incidents that are tolerated in UEFA, all directed against Serbia. Dirty and deceitful game of Tirana, in the form of a drone that flew over the stadium in Humska street, also remained unpunished. And not only unpunished, but also rewarded, as points were deducted from Serbian national team, which opened the way for Albania to the championship in France.

And what happens when there is a transparent saying “Kosovo is Serbia” at sports events? Well, that is another matter. Then UEFA becomes furious and there is always a painful punishment. For Serbs, of course, and everyone else who are on our side. Zenit, Moscow Lokomotiv and some other clubs know this, as their fans held these transparent.

Much unjustice was done to us by UEFA and other sports organizations and we had to put up with all of them. We had no one to complain to.

Selective justice is not only in football. It is enough to remember Milorad Cavic, who was disqualified from the European Championship eight years ago, when he appeared on the stand wearing a t-shirt with inscription “Kosovo is Serbia”.

“The Disciplinary Commission of LEN decided to suspend Cavic from further participation at the European Championship – it was said then in the statement of the European Swimming Association.


    • John, Kosovo, or Kosova, as you prefer, is not Albanian. It is now a NATO Air Base. Nothing more, nothing less. You and your like are nothing but pawns. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • yep, and aliens are being held at area 51, sep. 11 was an inside job, hillary is an alien reptile, and the gov’t is controlling our minds, any other conspiracy theories? lol

    • Kosovo is not a part of the state of Albania, while it’s still technically part of Serbia. Although, Albanians are a majority in the province

  1. Double standards? It is hard to imagine the the powers behind UEFA which does not stretch the imagination – USA constantly pulling it’s self centred world domination strings the world over – USA does not like Serbia, it is fair to say to a degree and to the point of total hatred that it will manipulate any given situation to drive Serbia down. Never let it be forgotten what USA has done, instigated and continues to do under its various umbrella organisations that it either owns or controls. Kosovo is Serbia, no rewriting, carving up and certainly because USA says it is so will never make it so.

  2. @ john

    Do yourself a favor and start to use your own MIND and Learn how to THINK, it won’t hurt you …I promise. You will actually be surprised what you THOUGHT you KNEW and Heard through the grape vine is totally untrue !

    From Serbia with ~ LOVE

  3. From a Croat immigrant, living in London. Just wasted to say Kosovo is certainly not Albanian….it’s a province within Serbia and therefore it’s Serbian land, and simply due to a large minority of ethnic Albanians, who have settled there historically, shouldn’t mean it can now be claimed as theirs. Unfortunately Kosovo has now become this ‘special zone’ which doesn’t effectively belong to any country. Hope for the sake of our Serbian neighbours that some historical experts will get together with some political big wigs of EU & Nato, and finally define the true status of this province, and put it back to what it always use to be – a part of Serbia.

    • I doubt you are Croatian Marko… if you are… you should be thanking us for helping in your war of independence.

      • Wow….not up for getting into any debates or arguments to be honest, but yeah I’m definitely a Croat….why would you doubt that? The only reason why I stated that is to make a point, as I’ve read on some Serbian news pages how a lot of people in Serbia are routing for Croatia at the Euro Championship, which is a nice thing to see. Our nations actually go back a long way, and yes we did clash heads here and there, but all in all we are very much closely related. (and everyone in Croatia & Serbia knows this, even though there will still be some haters still on both sides). Anyway, my original statement stems from a historical, and also from a logical perspective, it makes perfect sense. And by the way our war was done and dusted in the 90’s and this has nothing to do with this, and also not too sure about much involvement from Albania in our war….no offence :) Anyhow, historical facts don’t lie…..and there’s a good reason why Kosovo is currently defined as a ‘disputed territory’, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. And another reason why I mentioned my nationality and where I live, is because the only people from the ‘Balkans’ who I occasionally bump into here are always Croats & Serbs, and we all get on really well, probably better than if we were still living in our homelands…..speak the same lingo, dream about the same home made food, share the same norms & values, so that’s all it is man, and definitely no hidden agendas :)

      • Why doubt serbs and croats are christians and slavic.We are almost the same.Albanians are from Azerbaijan they come here on Balkan and stole slavic lands.KOSOVO IS SERBIA

  4. 92% of Kosovo is ethnically albanian, so saying kosovo is albanian make’s a lot more sense than kosovo is seribia. Also you tend to loose you’re rights to a country or province when you begin a process of ethnic cleansing as did Serbia in the late 1990’s.

    Kosovo is not a ‘special zone.’ It is an independent country with over 110 international recognitions. It belong’s to the ethnic Albanians in kosovo and their democratic parliament in Pristina.

    Finland, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan–

    These are all countries that were once a part of another country, but gained there own independence.

    • Sure thing….but really and truly the status of Kosovo is still defined as a ‘disputed territory’, and obviously if that’s the case…..there’s a good reason for that….guess everyone will just have to wait and see what happens. It’s probably safe to say that it’s up to the UN to make this decision, rather than any single/individual countries….

      • Look up clause 1244 and Kumanovo agreement on that to see the UN decision. The issue is, as covarix said, it was 90% Serbian population in 1913 during the Balkan wars. If we look up the track record of KLA militants, they have been involved in drug peddling and they have been given weapons, which constitute the “leading figures” there. The difference is, all those countries were a part of an union and separated voluntarily, rather than an ethnic cleansing that took place with intimidation. The 1999 operations were a reaction to militants making random attacks and using neighboring countries including Albania and Macedonian Republic as bases. False equivalencies here doesn’t contribute to anything except than making a showdown of ignorance.

  5. geeza in 1913 on kosovo was 90 % of Serb population, and now 90 % of Albanians. gues who made the etnick cleansing

  6. Jason
    Anyone with a brain would look up to NATO bases before talking such bullsh*t. It’s not a conspiracy theory but a well known fact. Even in the capital city there is a statue of Bill Clinton. So much for artificially carving lands up.