Germany Sets Condition for Ratification of Serbian EU Accession – Media


BELGRADE – Germany will not ratify an agreement on Serbia’s membership in the European Union (EU) until Belgrade recognizes Kosovo as a full-fledged member of the United Nations, Serbian media reported Monday citing a source in the German parliament.

According to the Serbian daily Danas, an unnamed member of the Bundestag from the ruling Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) party said that top Serbian officials were told that Kosovo’s membership in the UN will be one of the conditions for Serbia to be accepted in the European Union.

“We said that we [Germany] would not ratify Serbia’s membership in the EU unless Serbia accepts Kosovo becoming a full-fledged member of the UN. However, it is still an open question in my party, because there are different opinions on this issue,” the paper’s source said.

Kosovo, which is inhabited mostly by ethnic Albanians, declared independence from Serbia in February 2008 after years of conflict with Belgrade. Serbia considers Kosovo to be part of its territory. Dozens of countries, including Russia, do not recognize Kosovo as an independent state.

“It is time to launch the process of recognition of Kosovo’s membership in the UN, to convince the people in the ruling Serbian Progressive Party to agree to this request and to prepare the public in Serbia for the decision. We’ll have to talk with Prime Minister Vucic and other parties in Serbia more about what the normalization of relations with Kosovo means. When we asked this question to the Serbian officials they did not respond. For us, the normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo means that Kosovo is a UN member,” the German lawmaker was quoted as saying.

On August 25, 2015, at a high-level political meeting in Brussels, Belgrade and Prishtina signed a set of agreements aimed to normalize the mutual relations, among which a key deal was to establish the Association of Serb Municipalities which would enable the Serbs living in Kosovo to have a greater autonomy.


  1. Who do the Germans think they are? Dictators who are black mailing the Serbian people but not saying what is truly going on in Kosovo with the Albanian criminals and the torture of Serbs in Kosovo. How dare that Merkel witch who is destroyin the whole of Europe and why are people allowing it. She is part of the satanic cult along with the muslim cult. If Serbs are smart they would be better off with the Russian and Chinese economy. Europe is doomed especially Germany and it’s people. The end of times are near for all mankind and if we don’t see it we are all in trouble. Rise up Serbs and fight for your survival to exist.

  2. ” It would be a honest mistake to think that the average man loves FREEDOM.
    A still greater mistake would be to suppose that FREEDOM is an easy thing.
    FREEDOM, is a difficult thing to achieve and to maintain. It is easier to remain in SLAVERY ”
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  3. A week from now when the people of the U.K. leave the corrupt EU the whole thing will come crashing down like a line of dominoes.Why the people running Serbia think their salvation lies in such a failing institution is beyond me.

    • “Why the people running Serbia think their salvation lies in such a failing institution is beyond me.”
      Stockholm syndrome ???

  4. Are people blatantly that naive or just plain ignorant or is it the Vegeta spice their using in their cooking, which is full of MSG and other hidden goodies that sterilize the brain ???
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  5. Serbia should look to successful countries like Switzerland, Norway and Iceland who are NOT in the EU yet have easy dealings and good trade with it. There will be no net benefit for Serbia to be in the EU, and it will lose things if it keeps doing what the EU wants.