BELGRADE – More than 80 children from BiH is in the territory controlled by “the Islamic State” in Iraq and Syria, shows a research of the non-profitable organization “Atlantic Initiative”.

The study, to which Reuters agency had an insight, warns that these children are potential “time bombs” that could pose a major security risk upon return to BiH.

Of all the countries in the Balkans, the majority of fighters in the ranks of ISIS are Muslims from BiH.

According to the research, the number of adult fighters, whose number in Syria was 188 by the end of 2015, now dropped to 91 because 47 returned to BiH, and 50 were killed in the fighting.

“By mid-April, less than half of citizens of BiH in Syria consisted of able-bodied men, while there were 52 women and 80 children. Some children, who went to the region with their families, joined the combat units of the Islamic State,” says the research.

According to eyewitnesses and data from social media, boys from 13 to 14 years of age are undergoing military training, after which they go to combat units.

“At least one minor from BiH was killed in combat ranks of the Islamic State,” says the research which calls on BiH authorities to prevent taking children to the conflict zones.

One of the authors of the research Vlado Azinovic said that an entire generation of children is growing up on the front line or very close to the fight.

“They are potential time bombs to any country they go to,” said Azinovic.