BELGRADE – Have you heard of Mionica, magical location in the west of Serbia, which abounds in natural, historical and cultural attractions? Mionica is a birthplace of Živojin Mišić, a stone museum, the monastery of St. Peter and Paul, Kumova faucet, beautiful river Ribnica, Banja Vrujci, and mystical caves Ribnička.

Forest Fest is a music festival that offers something completely different than we have seen so far.

The festival takes place this weekend (18-19th of june) in Serbian forest, in the village of Paštrić, near Mionica, 25 km from Valjevo.


As part of the festival, more than 20 artists, record labels and artists from Serbia, France, Canada, Germany, India, Switzerland, Belgium, USA, Chile, Canada and Sweden, who will present various musical genres such as Ethnic Trance, Trance Psyschedellic Morning Trance, Ambient, Chill Out, Alternative etc.

The festival was created based on one of the most eminent festivals such as Ozora, Samsara, Boom, and you can enjoy different kinds of artistic content such as stunts with fire, walking on the tightrope, acrobatics, exhibitions, workshops, body painting, the cultural content such as TECHNOKRATIA talk about the emergence of e-psy-trance scene in Serbia, RELAX content such as Shiatsu massage, Yumeio therapy, swimming in the river Ribnica, camping, relaxing in the Spa Vrujici etc.

In addition, the festival offers a great tourist program such as the night in the rural households, visits to various cultural and historical attraction, about which you can learn more on

Camping places are an indispensable part of the festival, and they are provided close to the beautiful river Ribnica. All you need to bring is your tent! For parents with childrens we have provided a program with professional educators in a farm near the site of the event.

This festival launched the organization from Valjevo Digital Nexus in partnership with the legendary TECHNOKRATIA organization, with the support of local municipalities Mionica, and local tourist organizations Rayon in order to become this wonderful location from year to year, a real tourist attraction.

Today you can buy your ticket at the price of 1,400 dinars (~$13), and at the entrance ticket price is 1,600 dinars (~$14.5). It also offers a festival organized transportation by bus or car. For all information visit