Russia Slams Kosovo’s Accession to Permanent Court of Arbitration


BELGRADE – Moscow condemns Kosovo’s accession to the Hague-based Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), citing the predetermined nature of voting, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Tuesday.

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008 after spending several years under UN administration. It is recognized by Washington and many EU member nations.

“It seems that the outcome of the voting was predetermined even before it started while the entire process was carefully directed,” Zakharova said.

She added that the court paid attention only to the reasoning of those countries which tried to push Kosovo’s membership, while arguments of the countries which do not recognize Kosovo’s independence were ignored.

“These actions are not only illegal but also ignore the reaction of Belgrade which the West calls its partner including in the dialogue with Pristina,” she concluded.


  1. GOD, Please let me live to see the day… when Serbia will finally get to have a real Leader. Better then Milosevic ?… Good Luck and Happy Trails .
    He wasn’t perfect by no means, especially for their Geo Strategical PLAN in mind, for using / turning Serbia(KOSOVO) into a Grand Central Station/ Military Base without borders in the Balkans. Maybe, just maybe? that is reason why the top Brass of the Kocher West wanted to remove/ bring him down. By manipulating the flow of money and trade, applying long standing sanctions on our country to destroy every sector of the economy and our standard of living, with every Dirty trick in the Book, using religion, divide and conquer, ringing in a civil WAR (I’m a little bit country and you’re a little bit Rock and Roll ) to bring down the will of his own people to finally turn against him. And they finally get their wish after many sleepless nights/ Years, of HOW to Destroy and Outsmart one one Man by destroying a whole country and its people. Only to Poison Milosevic later in the HAGUE without a chance to prove his innocents by their very own creation, Hollywood EDITED Genocide in the former Yugoslavia. Driven by THEIR Human Compassion, Generosity and Kindness because they LOVE Serbia so MUCH! they could NOT standby to see Serbia Succeeding in the black market after many years. By their very own demise, with hardly any Debt and without the help of a Godfather like the IMF, watching over them/ Controlling their LIVES and handing Buy NOW pay later credits to the people, that even their children can’t pay off. KNOW that would definitely be Bad for Business if Milosevic got his way and more so, A Free Sovereign Serbia would be a bad example for the rest of the World, what would the other countries say?
    Doesn’t the human mind ever get tired of being a Slave to their own Government watching the same old movie/drama PLAYING OUT of all this manipulating, blackmailing THE people Serbia with their very own Kosher selected, sketched and colored Walt Disney 3D Animated characters puppeteering for the west ?
    ~ I TRULY BELIEVE, THAT SCHOOL IS A WASTE OF TIME …When you become another Brick in their WALL !

    • Milosovic may not have been perfect, but USA and it’s Western cohorts have allotted themselves the place of “god” they judge, decide, favour, murder and plunder, they sweep the iron fist of “true” democracy and “freedom” Indeed Milosovic may have not been perfect, but then he never claimed to be righteous as every American President like the insane Roman emperors they so very are akin to claim they are. USA is the most evil and despotic country this world has seen.