Serbia ‘Capable of Causing Mental Disorders Among Croats’

BELGRADE – Croatian academician Zdenko Tibold believes that Serbia uses secret electromagnetic warfare to influence the minds of citizens of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slobodna Dalmacija reported.

The researcher argues that Serbia can cause mental disorders among residents of these two countries, “motivate the youth to leave their homeland, cause general depression among the population and promote hatred and intolerance,” Slobodna Dalmacija reported.

Such revelations were published on the official website of the Croatian Academic Community “Homeland and Diaspora” (HAZUD).

The author also claims that the electromagnetic waves affect the decisions of the Croatian Constitutional Court and that Serbia uses special cloning technology (EEG cloning) to take control over people’s minds.

Tibold believes that Serbia is thus capable of causing outbreaks of diseases that might have fatal consequences for human health and provoke mass migration in certain regions in order to completely “clean the earth of the non-Serb population”.

Commenting on this curious study, the chairman of the Ecological Movement in the Serbian city of Novi Sad, Nikola Aleksic, told Sputnik that there indeed might be a HHARP defense system located on the territory of Serbia, especially taking into account several conspiracy theories on the issue. But even if so, the HHARP is not capable of sending any electromagnetic waves to a neighboring state and thereby affecting the psyche of the Croats.

HAARP is a controversial defense program developed by the US which experts know little about, but which is assumed to be capable of changing weather and influencing people’s minds.

According to Aleksic, theoretically HAARP might indeed have a negative impact on the human psyche and contribute to changing climate conditions.


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