BELGRADE – Milan Simunovic, his wife Verica, daughters Ana and Laura and son Milance are still in shock after they have seen snakes coming out of walls in their home in Boljevac.

“I was outside when I heard my wife screaming. When I entered the house several snakes were on the floor. Something was moving near the walls. As soon as I heard it, I began banging with a stick on the wooden wall, when all of a sudden snakes began appearing from all sides,” said Milan.

The Municipality of Boljevac provided a temporary shelter for the family and called Nis company “ZOO Planet”.

“We reacted immediately to help Simunovic family to be safe. The first estimation of experts is that there are about 300 reptiles,” said “ZOO Planet”.

The situation is, however, even scarier because, as Dusan Stojanovic, president of NGO “Help Wild Animals” from Nis siad, who arrived with his team to Simanovic’s home, there is a possibility that there are more than 1,000 snakes in this place.

It is expected that in a few days the lifting of the house and capturing of snakes should begin.

“We will know the exact number of reptiles when we check the whole area with the Institute for Nature Protection and the Republic Inspection for Environmental Protection. We will know everything soon, and Simunovic family will be able to return to their home when the area is safe,” said Stojanovic.