BELGRADE – The overall Serbian economy ended a loss-making streak in 2015, finishing the year with a net profit of RSD 144 bln, Ruzica Stamenkovic of the Serbian Business Registers Agency said Wednesday, adding that the number of the employed had risen by 21,360.

In 2014, the economy had posted losses in nearly the same amount – RSD 133 bln, Stamenkovic told a press conference, presenting an analysis of 2015 financial reports.

Also, 54,475 companies posted net profits totalling RSD 467 bln – 14.6 pct more than in 2014 – and 27,521 companies posted losses totalling RSD 323 bln, while 10,846 companies achieved no results, she said.

The positive results are a product of an improved business climate and significant progress has been made despite the fact that the problems of high indebtedness, insolvency and accumulated debts persist, Stamenkovic said.