Slovenian President Urges All States to Recognize Kosovo


BELGRADE – Slovenian President Borut Pahor on Tuesday called on all the states to recognize Kosovo’s independence during his meeting with Kosovo’s President Hashim Thaci, local media reported.

Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia on February 17, 2008, which Serbia does not recognize. Slovenia recognized it on March 5, 2008 and established diplomatic relations a month later.

“Today we once again state our support for the Kosovo’s desire to be diplomatically recognized by all the states, especially the neighboring ones, and to be included in all international organizations. Kosovo would thus have the possibility of political, economic and overall social development,” Pahor said at the joined conference with Thaci as cited by the 24Hours media outlet.

He added that Kosovo will in the future join the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) but stressed that those memberships will take some time to be fulfilled, and called on Kosovo authorities to continue with the reforms.


  1. Lets see how the Slovenian Nazis will feel when the Albanian Muslims multiply and want to declare part of Slovenia as Albania and want independence their too. Nasty Slovenians who were always two faced and used the Serbian people when they needed something. German mentality. Karma is a bitch when it comes and it will come in Slovenia too as an earthquake. Keep your noses in your own country and stop interfering with the Serbian people. Without them their would be no Slovenia. So say thank you.

    • So now Slovenes are part of the Islamist-Nazi conspiracy against Serbia too?

      Had the Slovenes took(note, I deliberately avoid using value-loaded terms like “occupied” or “liberated” here) a territory heavily populated by Albanians and prevented them from uniting with their compatriots across the border, they too would probably have to contend with such a problem, and would be forced to choose either to contain said population, or risk it breaking away should they fail to implement an effective containment policy. Macedonia and Montenegro chose the former with their Albanian populations, while Serbia ended up with the latter scenario. Serbia blew it with its Albanians population, and I imagine Slovenes would be pretty pissed too had they ended up in such a state. But the fact is that it was Serbia that screwed up with implementing an effective policy to contain its Albanian population, and not Slovenia, and the sooner Serbia realizes that she blew it and moves on, the better it would be for everyone in the Balkans.
      And “their would be no Slovenia” without Serbia? Huh? Arrogant, much?

  2. Serbia are You )) listening (( ? I ask You, What has ONE… bad boy scout Marshall Tito ( who by his real Jewish name is called Josif Walter Weiss ) set his/their mind to destroy Serbia, and long after his time. Still to this very day… One hundred and one good boy scouts cannot repair/heal and stop Serbia from bleeding and suffering from his/their Ashkenazi spun web of mixed communist/capitalistic games and lies along with many faces of deceit.
    What came to pass, when Millions of people, a generation taken for a Walt Disney carpet ride for the 35 years of Tito’s ruling Dictatorship, from his sole entry many naive young and old, men and women were sacrificed along the way for his own Shakespeare staring role, ethnically cleansed from our birth place, men put fourth into battle against the Germans,which was Never our war to begin with. To USE and to divide brothers into Partizans and Chetniks killing two birds with one stone, just killing as many Serbian men during that war, not to mention the first world war with all dew respect to those brothers and sisters lost . All in their Master plan to reduce the Slavic Serbian population along with some of our best MINDS terminated, for WHAT ??? A Yugoslavian multicultural Lab experiment, under the title… Brothers United.
    Do we have a conscious as a nation and is their enough intelligence in us to reflect as individuals on What has Serbia gained and what has Serbia lost in all of this conspired Hollywood Drama ?
    Just look around us at our neighbors, once so called United Brothers in arms. Where and what are they now to us ? Does a leopard change his spots? Let us be polite here, and not forget to mention our Allies in all this tactical grooming ( Judge, Jury and Executioner )
    We have to ask our self one simple question, do we deserve better as a people ?
    If you answered… YES ! then Step into the Future with KOSOVO, with our Slavic brothers of Russia and leave the old barbaric Roman Empire behind !!!