Svilanovic: Western Balkan region to face certain delay in EU accession

SARAJEVO – The Western Balkan region will face a certain delay in the EU accession process post-Brexit because a number of institutions that would have dealt with it will now have to deal with other matters, Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Secretary General Goran Svilanovic said Wednesday.

“That is the reality,” Svilanovic told a Tanjug reporter when asked to comment on the consequences of the UK’s departure from the EU and whether Western Balkan countries could jointly mitigate the fallout from the British EU referendum.

It will take some time to see how the referendum decision will be implemented within British society, Svilanovic said.

“My impression is that both the UK and the EU have emerged smaller from the referendum and that, for this reason, implementing the decision within British society, as well as between British society and the EU, will require a lengthy process,” Svilanovic said in Sarajevo.

Svilanovic announced that the RCC would in September or October invite ministers from Western Balkan countries to Brussels to formulate a clear appeal to EU partners about the need to continue the accession process.


  1. I ask anyone who knows more about this man Svilanovic than I do the following question – Has he ever actually done a proper job in his entire life ? ( I mean has he invented something or produced something to be sold to create some wealth for his country or perhaps repaired a road or driven a truck or healed a sick person or taught a schoolboy something useful ) He just seems to have the knack to go from one ‘non job’ to another pontificating about what is the correct course his compatriots should follow as he collects his pieces of silver every month