BELGRADE – There are around 700 migrants at two crossings on the Serbian-Hungarian border, show figures released by Serbia’s Commissariat for Refugees, while the UN refugee agency UNHCR says there is no reason to fear a repetition of last year’s situation, when up to 10,000 migrants were crossing into the country daily.

Deputy Commissioner for Refugees Ivan Georgijev told Pink TV that, as of Monday, there were 860 refugees in permanent centres in Serbia and 450 in temporary centres, around 700 at the Horgos and Kelebija border crossings and 150-200 more in Belgrade parks.

“That is the total number of migrants and we do not expect a major surge or a disaster. We have a situation where there is wire on our northern border and smugglers are getting in some more people from Macedonia and Bulgaria,” Georgijev said.

With Hungary letting through 15 people a day, it is very difficult to get the migrants off the northern border because they are hoping they will cross the border at some point in time, he said.

Over 100,000 people have passed through Serbia this year, with 4,600 requesting asylum, Georgijev said.