Dacic: Croatia is a country where fascist creations are being rehabilitated

Stepinac greeting the Ustaše leader Ante Pavelić

BELGRADE – Serbia will on Tuesday send a protest note to Croatia over its rehabilitation of fascism, Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic announced.

“Serbia will today send a protest note to Croatia over the rehabilitation of fascism, the crimes against Serbs, their conversion (to Catholicism) and a rising number of incidents in that country that are targeting citizens who are ethnic Serbs,” Dacic told a press conference in Belgrade when asked if Serbia had responded to a Croatian note of protest.

The Croatian Hina news agency reported Monday the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs had sent a note of protest to Serbia over “unacceptable statements” by Serbian officials following an annulment of a 1946 verdict sentencing Aloysius Stepinac, a Croatian Roman Catholic cardinal loyal to the WWII-era pro-fascist Ustasha regime of Ante Pavelic.

Croatia is a country where fascist creations are being rehabilitated, Dacic said.

Such creations did exist in other countries as well, but, unlike in Croatia, they are not being eulogised there, he said.

“Stepinac was the spiritual leader of the Ustasha movement, he blessed the crimes and the Ustasha state, saying it was the work of God and a gift to Croats,” Dacic said, stressing that no protests could change that.


  1. This is a type of behavior that wouldn’t have been tolerated by anyone, except if the victims happened to be of Serbian and Russian ethnicity. Then, it’s OK. Remember Auschwitz commemoration 2015? The liberators of that camp were not welcome…
    So, no wonder Croatia has a free card to do anything. Give it another decade, and it’ll turn out that the Serbs volunteered to go to Jasenovac to be saved, and the poor Croats had to admit and feed them. Give it yet another decade, and Croatia will sue Serbia for reparations for the food, lodging and clothing spent on the victims.