BELGRADE – According to the census in the Republic of Croatia, which was held in 2012, 303 citizens said their religion was Jedi, 123 citizens were Earthmen, 24 said they are Martians and there were also 20 Klingons.

Census in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) confirmed that Klingons do not live only in Croatia, because 47 citizens of BiH identified themselves as Klingons. In the Republika Srpska live 20 Klingons, 26 in the Federation and one in Brcko. There are no Martians and followers of Jedi religion.

It is interesting that, in addition to Klingons, a significant part of citizens in BiH declared themselves as Vulcans, as many as 77, which is ten times more than in Croatia. In BiH, except Klingons and Vulcans, live 5 Borgs, 7 Elves, 4 witches, 2 Morlachs and one werewolf.

It is interesting that “Werewolf” lives in Foca, while all Elves in BiH are settled in Ljubusko, reported