Hungary Deploys 6,000 Policemen on Border With Serbia

A Hungarian police officer patrols along the temporary border fence on the Hungarian-Serbian border near Roszke, 180 kms southeast of Budapest, Hungary, during sunrise one day after Hungary closed its border to Serbia. - Photo: REUTERS

BELGRADE – The Hungarian authorities deployed on Wednesday 6,000 additional policemen on border with Serbia to stop undocumented migrants from entering, local media reported.

Budapest stepped up security of the border it shares with Serbia and Croatia on Tuesday, setting up an 8-kilometer (5-mile) security zone.

In addition to the police Hungary is also using helicopters, armored vehicles and dog handlers to locate migrants, the Radio Television of Serbia broadcaster said.

According to Hungary’s chief national security adviser Gyorgy Bakondi, the migrants are being returned to transit zones to file asylum applications.

The broadcaster said that Budapest accepted 264 applications out of 22,000 filed in 2016.


  1. If Serbia had taken care of its own borders better, and not have continued to be a sieve for 1.5 years now, then this would not have been necessary. Serbia encourages the illegal migration by making it easy and helping with transportation, free WiFi, etc. The three-day passes Serbia gave out don’t work as many have ended up staying for months and some are stuck in Serbia with no clear end in sight.

  2. Two questions to JJ:
    Would it have been better if Serbia would have put up barbed wire on the border north of Kumanovo and forcing refugees to stay in Macedonia, where they are robbed and beaten up?
    Which refugee wants to file a request for asylum in Hungary, when the chances of acceptance are 1 to 83 (264 applications out of 22,000)
    What is your solution? Do you recognize article 14 of the Declaration of Human Rights and the obligations to states out of the Geneva Conventions?

  3. The B.I.G question is – why doesn’t the international community stop the guys responsible for financing the wars, and the resulting migrations?

    Please learn more here: [link]

  4. To your question #1: Well since Macedonia has put a wall/border on its border with Greece, it has stopped the endless flow through that direction. Because of that, now there are only 13 migrants in Presevo currently. If not for Macedonia doing that, there’d still be thousands per day tromping through Serbia.
    Now they are coming through Serbia’s border with BULGARIA.
    So Serbia has to beef up the patrols and put some walls/fences there. Bulgaria itself has some walls and fences on its border with Turkey, and is building more, but it is not enough. Serbia’s border with Bulgaria is not as long as Bulgaria’s with Turkey. Serbia has to make some effort to stop this invasion of greedy Muslims.
    Second question: As for the migrants not filing in Hungary – well many are also passing up Austria and France because they are being particular about what country they want to land in. They are “shopping” around. A true refugee would be simply glad for safety and security. This IS a scam and its pushed by traffickers. They are promising people so much, and the migrants are all paying many thousands of euros apiece. They aren’t penniless at all but the ones who do have MONEY. The true Syrian refugees are stuck in border camps. Only those with a lot of money and mobile phones are making this journey.
    The solution is to send the scammers back to Turkey or their home countries.