BELGRADE – There can be no demarcation where there is no border, the deputy head of the Serbian government Office for Kosovo-Metohija Dusan Kozarev said Tuesday in a message to the Pristina interim authorities, urging them to give up hope on ever seeing Serbia draw borders towards its southern province.

Kozarev was reacting to a statement by Kosovo’s Foreign Minister Enver Hodzaj, who said that Pristina needed to conduct a “demarcation of the border” with Serbia within two years, accusing Belgrade of pursuing a “hostile policy” towards the so-called state of Kosovo, Pristina paper Epoka e re reported Tuesday.

“Rather than confuse their compatriots with unrealistic expectations, the representatives of the interim self-government authorities in Pristina should at last put forward a constructive initiative so that we may improve the living standards of Kosovo-Metohija residents through dialogue and make a few more steps towards creating an orderly democratic society in our southern province,” Kozarev said.