BELGRADE – Serbia’s objectives are peace, stability, non-recognition of the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo and preservation of the Serb population and the Serbian cultural heritage in Kosovo-Metohija, with full EU membership as the foreign policy priority, President Tomislav Nikolic said Friday.

Addressing a graduation ceremony at the National Defence School, NIkolic said that Serbia’s European integration would not be halted despite the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

“The move taken by the UK, a proponent of the enlargement that is now leaving the Union, needs to be analysed. Pursuing our own interests, we will continue to organise our country in line with the highest European standards, and let the EU show whether it wants us or not,” Nikolic said.

Should Serbia face the condition of having to recognise the independence of the so-called state of Kosovo or stop blocking or hindering the quasi-creation’s membership in international institutions, it will mean that Serbia is not wanted as a full EU member, Nikolic said.

Serbia is pursuing the correct policy – it is committed to strengthening its relations with Asian, African and South American countries, and it will make particular use of the friendship with Russia and China, Nikolic said.

“We will never impose sanctions on Russia, we are cooperating with it in mutual interest, and after a historic visit by Chinese president Xi Jinping, we have opened a new chapter and restored our relations with friendly China to the highest level historically”, the president noted.

An agreement on the status of personnel at the Russian- Serbian humanitarian centre in Nis is ready and is to be implemented pending the formation of a new government, Nikolic said, adding that military neutrality and commitment to peace and cooperation with all was a guarantee of a stable and secure future.