BELGRADE – Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic announced Friday that he would tell European officials at an upcoming Paris summit that Serbia remained committed to progress, reforms and the path towards the EU, but that no one should think that it would “have its ears twisted” for no reason.

Serbia has met all the requirements for the opening of chapters 23 and 24 in the EU accession talks, Vucic said, adding that, in conversations with many EU officials, he had been unable to hide his disappointment over the fact that the chapters remained unopened.

“We have done our job and no one from the EU can say that Serbia is to blame,” Vucic told a press conference.

Vucic said that he would on Sunday travel to Paris for a summit of Western Balkan and EU leaders and that he expected to be told what Serbia had done wrong, but also to say what it thought about the situation.

“Serbia intends to continue on its European path, but also wants and seeks respect for its people and its government. If there is something we have not done properly, tell us what that is, but do not assume that anyone has the right to twist our ears for no reason,” Vucic noted.

Serbia wants the best possible relations with the UK and will continue to develop them, although it is not clear to us what “technical obstacles” have kept the country from consenting to the opening of negotiation chapters with Serbia, as opposed to those with Montenegro and Turkey, Vucic also said.