BELGRADE – Few days after the unsuccessful attempt of the Turkish army to take power in the country and overthrow Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the situation in Turkey is not calming down. Streets, where the war between the army on one, police and citizens on the other side, were last night full of people who went outside to support their president. As part of the investigation on the failed military coup so far was arrested 6000 people, more than 9000 police officers and almost 27000 employees from different sectors  are dismissed.

Most military officers who took part in the attempted coup in Turkey are of Albanian origin, report Albanian portals. Of the total of 29 arrested generals and colonels 25 are of Albanian origin, among whom former commander of the Turkish Air Force, General Akin Ozturk and Second Army General Huduti Adem, both originating from Kosovo.

One of the organizers of the military coup is also Lt.Gen. Metin Idil, who is also of Albanian origin.

Albanian portals state that Huduti, before taking command of the Turkish Second Army, commanded troops at the border with Russia and Greece, and was also the head of the Turkish forces in Afghanistan. Huduti was born in Recan, near Prizren, and his family moved to Turkey when he was five, while Ozturk originates from Kosovska Mitrovica.