BELGRADE – Serbian police detected and arrested eight members of an organized criminal group on suspicion of involvement in activities linked to the smuggling of migrants, the Serbian Interior Ministry said Monday.

Raids that ended in the detention of eight suspects took place earlier on Monday in the residential areas of Subotica, Indjija, Backa Gradiste and Kursumlija. The suspects were charged with the illegal smuggling of dozens of migrants across the Serbian border to Hungary, and then to Austria.

“The criminal group… found migrants on the territory of Subotica and Palic, and then organized their illegal border crossing near the village of Bajmok, where a group of Serbian nationals met migrants and brought them to Austria by cars,” the ministry said in a statement.

The organized criminal group obtained from 1,100 ($1,200) to 1,200 ($1,300) euros from each migrant, the ministry added. The smuggling group operated from February to June, it specified.