Serbian public debt at 24.18 bln euros


BELGRADE – Serbia’s public debt was at 24.18 bln euros at the end of June, the Ministry of Finance announced Tuesday.

The public debt accounted for 71.9 pct of the country’s GDP, it said in the July issue of the Current Macroeconomic Trends bulletin.

The June 2016 public debt was 628 mln euros lower compared to the end of 2015, when it stood at 24.80 bln euros, accounting for a record 76 pct of GDP, it also said.


  1. Clever this money business. All that is required is to gain control of the money management of any society and thereafter the private owners of such banks can print the National Currency and loan the printed paper at face value to anyone at a given interest. In the USA the Federal Reserve Bank (a privately owned bank) has control of printing the American Dollar and there are overprints in trillions, disappearing without trace. No democratic committee can identify where the overprinted money is disappearing to?

    The interest charged is converted into owning more banks and before too long all the money and financial transactions are accruing interest which is generating more capital for conversion into tangibles. So how long for the paper money printers to control all money generating resources? See:

    It seems that the entire Serbian Economy is being flogged to service the debt generated by borrowing printed paper cash. Resolve the problem by nationalising all money and facilities handling money.