BELGRADE – Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has told the German Bild daily that he had said a thousand times during a recent electoral campaign that the EU was Serbia’s strategic goal.

“Two months ago, we had a kind of a referendum – we had elections, and we won overwhelmingly. I did not lie to the people in the campaign. I told them: Yes, we want to maintain the best possible relations with Russia, China and the US, but the EU is our strategic goal. I said that a thousand times. No lies, no misunderstandings. And the people voted for that,” Vucic told Bild in an interview.

We must maintain the course towards the EU, otherwise Serbia will be going in the wrong direction, Vucic said.

When asked if Serbia would ever want to join NATO, Vucic said that it was not a simple question in Serbia.

Serbia has, and will have, good relations with NATO – that is my policy and we do not want any conflicts with NATO, Vucic said, adding that everything else would be up to the people of Serbia to decide.

Serbia will not hold a referendum on the EU regardless of the number of such initiatives, Vucic also said.