Vucic: Serbia will not hold a referendum on the EU


BELGRADE – Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has told the German Bild daily that he had said a thousand times during a recent electoral campaign that the EU was Serbia’s strategic goal.

“Two months ago, we had a kind of a referendum – we had elections, and we won overwhelmingly. I did not lie to the people in the campaign. I told them: Yes, we want to maintain the best possible relations with Russia, China and the US, but the EU is our strategic goal. I said that a thousand times. No lies, no misunderstandings. And the people voted for that,” Vucic told Bild in an interview.

We must maintain the course towards the EU, otherwise Serbia will be going in the wrong direction, Vucic said.

When asked if Serbia would ever want to join NATO, Vucic said that it was not a simple question in Serbia.

Serbia has, and will have, good relations with NATO – that is my policy and we do not want any conflicts with NATO, Vucic said, adding that everything else would be up to the people of Serbia to decide.

Serbia will not hold a referendum on the EU regardless of the number of such initiatives, Vucic also said.


  1. I remember the times very clearly, when my Serbian people marched the streets in great numbers, with a united Voice too bring down President Slobodan Milosevic with the promise of a better tomorrow, thus allowing the Kosher West to openly choose their future and their faith, bearing only the fruits of exodus of our young people and MORE poverty too this very day.
    I honestly believe in freedom of expression, the right choose and to speak ones Mind !
    Yes, the (MIND) a Healthy open Mind that hasn’t been conditioned and tampered with, is a beautiful gift to be blessed with and too wisely use infinity. As we know, The Mind constantly needs to identify its self with someone or something, and to be able too express its self freely without limitations. I have a need for searching, too identify myself with my own people.
    With that said… I am proud to be Serbian in our long standing SERBIAN traditions of our Great Great Grandfathers and Grandmothers and in their name I give… Thanks.
    As for the present times in Mind and in the Minds that abuse this still very beautiful God given Land. I have very little faith in our future generations to come. Have Lost all hope and respect in our leaders and in our people who have for selfish reasons Milked, Sold and Betrayed their own Mother Serbia…
    To see the very day when the people of Serbia allowed and cheered their own leader to be handcuffed, walked out with a bag over his head and escorted on a plane to the Hague. WITHOUT any proof of genocide and for defending his own country from the real war criminals. Was like watching a Father without any mercy or conscious being told by a criminal gang to hand over his son, to be disciplined for being a bad boy and not listening to obey. Just blows my mind. The people of Serbia have spoken for their future when they Jeered, whistled and banged on EMPTY pots and pans for four months! By expressing and redirecting their anger at their leader in this manner was something of a Bad Omen, ONLY to bring less hope in their future to fill those pots and pans.
    I ask You … are the People of Serbia capable to think for them self’s with more and more Empty Pots and empty Minds, to allow a Leader, a (GATEKEEPER) like Mr. Vucic to lead us straight into the Devils hands of the EU ???